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Los Angeles and California in general is infamous for its auto accident statistics – but motorcycle accidents can be even more dangerous and fatal. Motorcycle accidents are actually so dangerous that about 80% of all motorcycle accidents result in injury or death. With such serious statistics it can seem scary to imagine riding a motorcycle – but these statistics can help you to take simple precautions to protect your safety and the safety of those around you:

Almost 25% of motorcycle riders involved in fatal accidents didn’t have a valid license. It’s completely illegal to operate a motorcycle without a valid motorcycle license, and extremely unwise to do so. The knowledge gained from motorcycle driving lessons could save your life, and the DMV does require you to pass both a written and driving test in order for you to obtain your license. If you’re planning to operate a motorcycle, taking courses and obtaining your license is the simplest way to ride safely.

About 75% of motorcycle accidents involve at least one car. Motorcycles can be beneficial in that your vehicle is quick and compact – but this can also make it difficult for other vehicles to see you coming. Lane-splitting, or driving between two neighboring lanes, is legal in California but can be wildly dangerous if the drivers around you aren’t paying attention, so avoid making rash decisions no matter your vehicle. It’s a good rule of thumb as any driver to stay centered in the lane you’re in, leaving double the space for a motorcycle than you would for a normal car.

Racing bikes can surpass over 200 miles an hour, and are 4x more likely than other bike riders to be involved in a fatal accident. Though these bikes may seem fun and sporty, their speed capabilities can lead the driver to disobey traffic laws, putting the rider and other drivers at risk. These types of bikes are also lightweight and can be modified easily, increasing their speed and the risk of accidents. Bikes ridden at faster speeds also leave less room for error, and less reaction time to unexpected changes in road conditions. As we said earlier, Los Angeles is already considered a leader in auto accidents, so operating “super sport” bikes can add unnecessary risk.

The down-side to operating a motorcycle is that they don’t offer the same protections as other motor vehicles. When you’re driving a car there are seat belts, airbags, and several inches of glass and machinery separating you from the road in the event of an accident. When you’re driving a motorcycle, these protections don’t exist. Proper clothing protection, like armored helmets, jackets, gloves, boots and pants could make the difference between life and death if you’re involved in an accident while operating a motorcycle. Fashionable outfits like the classic jeans & a leather jacket may seem cool, but they’re simply just not enough to protect you while riding.

In summary, motorcycles can be an exciting and convenient way to enjoy the open road, but driving these types of vehicles could be dangerous – so make sure you’re taking them seriously.

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