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The impact of COVID-19 has been so unprecedented and widespread, and we’re still trying to navigate the effects in our communities and daily lives. While delays and restrictions will happen, your personal rights and well-being should not be compromised as a result. During this unparalleled time, you may experience these common limitations in the pursuit of financial resolution:

Insurance companies are struggling alongside everyday citizens, and as a result will be focused on staying as profitable as possible. Your insurance company will protect itself and its employees first, even possibly over your claims for support and compensation. You can expect to hear lowball settlements, experience delays, and even denial when filing claims that may not have posed an issue at the beginning of 2020. Personal injury, accident, and liability claims are more likely to be neglected now more than ever, so it’s important that you remain diligent in your pursuit of claim settlements and consult with an attorney that is focused on your best interests.

It’s also common to see local courts delaying proceedings in the face of the pandemic, but the closing or delays of your local court could affect the speed of your claim, and therefore your livelihood. If your claim is not part of the court’s priority cases, your case could be moved to virtual or online proceedings, affecting every aspect of the resolution of your case and possibly causing you to lose out on vital indemnity. Whenever you become involved with court case proceedings, it’s important that you have an experienced lawyer on your side that’s ready and willing to navigate any delays or complications that may arise.

If you have questions or believe that your claim has been unreasonably delayed, we can help. It is our belief that justice is a right, and you deserve to live a healthy and prosperous life, even in the midst of unprecedented circumstances. Call us for a free consultation, and get the compensation you deserve!

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