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Losing a leg, arm, foot, hand, toe, or finger may be a physical loss, but it’s essential to consider the emotional implications that amputation could have on your well-being. The loss of your limb will affect every part of your day-to-day life, and you’ll need support physically, emotionally, and financially to be able to find your new normal.

Loss of Limb & Amputation injuries are often caused by construction/industrial accidents, motor vehicle accidents, defective equipment/products, burn/electrocution injuries, or medical malpractice. It can be traumatic to lose a part of yourself because of an accident or due to the negligence of others, and you may be entitled to compensation for the medical treatments and rehabilitation you’ll need in the aftermath of your loss, including:


  • Healing & Avoiding Infection: After losing a limb, it may be weeks and even months before you’re able to leave the hospital – and these costly bills can add up quickly. It may also be necessary to attend a rehabilitation center for treatment so you can resume your day-to-day life. You could not only receive compensation for your past medical costs but future costs associated with the preservation of your limb.
  • Completing Daily Activities: Physical and occupational therapy are essential to your recovery. It can be extremely hard to re-learn how to perform normal activities after your accident, but there are rehabilitation centers in place that are ready to help. Any therapy you receive to cope with your lost limb could also be subject to compensation, allowing you more time to heal and function more effectively.
  • Medical Devices: Prosthetics and other medical devices can be costly, and require time to be adjusted to your specific disability. It may be crucial for modifications to be made to your home, car, and any other environment where your loss of limb may prevent you from living a comfortable life. Recovering compensation for costs like these can be vital to your livelihood, and could allow you to live a more comfortable and functional life.
  • If you or your loved one’s life has been affected by an accident that caused the loss or amputation of a limb, you could receive compensation for your loss & injuries. Call our experienced loss of limb lawyer for a free consultation!


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